Bae’s Guide to: Back-to-School Gifting

Bae’s Guide to: Back-to-School Gifting

Hey, Bae!

I have a confession to make, I love back-to-school shopping! The school supplies, tax-free days, picking out new outfits for the kiddos (and maybe one or two for myself). And one thing I make sure to include on my back-to-school shopping list is gifts, because gifts are a back-to-school essential too. Since I am the gift guru, I want to make back-to-school gift giving as easy as possible for you, bae. All you have to know is the why, what, and how about back-to school gifting, and you will be on your way to gifting successfully. 

Why gift

Going back to school can be a stressful time for students, teachers, and parents, so gifting can be the perfect reminder that you’re either thinking of them, supportive of them, or grateful for them. Gifting is an act of kindness that helps begin or solidify connections, which can be crucial to a successful school year. Gifting is a way that you can introduce yourself to your child’s teacher(s) or other parents so that communication will flow easier in the future. And by getting your own student a gift, it will reinforce how much you support them. Isn’t gifting great, bae? One warm gesture can brighten a person’s day and help motivate them to do their best this upcoming school year!

What to Gift

There’s nothing better than gifting someone with tools to be successful, bae. When it comes to back-to-school gifting, you want to gift intentionally & practically; give a gift that you know your giftee may use on a daily or weekly basis. Here’s 5 back-to-school gift ideas to add to your shopping list: 

Jewelry: Giving jewelry is a small gesture that can have a lasting impact for it can always be worn and adorned throughout the day. Jewelry would be an appropriate gift for any grade level student in your life. Whenever your student is studying, taking a test, or needing a little reminder that you’re cheering them on, they can look at their jewelry think of you, bae, and continue to thrive academically!

Accessories: Accessories are cute & functional gifts, bae. Gifting your student and/or their teacher(s) accessories such as key chains, lanyards, pencil pouches, & phone pop sockets are purposeful gifts they will use every day. And, bonus, they will look trendy using them! 

Motivational Stickers & Pins: Motivational stickers & pins can be worn by students & teachers by placing them on their backpacks, lunchboxes, laptops, hats, jackets, & lanyards. Motivational sayings remind students & teachers that they are capable of anything they put their minds to. And, the best part about displaying stickers or pins with motivational sayings is that they don’t only motivate your giftee, but everyone around them that sees them! So not only are you spreading good vibes, bae, but your giftee is too! 

Self-Care Items: Everyone needs a little time to themselves, bae. Self-care items are essential gifts for your students, their teachers, and YOU. A self-care gift helps everyone take a break from the stresses that the school year can bring. It’s smart to get self-care items such as candles, lip & eye masks, & fuzzy socks in advance because you know stresses are inevitable and having healthy (and comfy!) ways of dealing with stress, such as relaxing, is a must, bae! 

Subscriptions: A subscription is a service that delivers products to you or your giftee through the mail on a monthly basis. This service would be great if you have a college student living away from home, and you want to send a monthly gift to let them know that you’re always thinking of them. Also, don’t forget to spoil yourself, bae. The school year can get stressful for mom baes! Sign-up for a subscription plan, too, and shower yourself with monthly gifts! 

How to gift

Gifting doesn’t have to come in the traditional form: bag & tissue paper or wrapping paper. It can be much simpler. Ditch the wrapping, bae. You can always hand deliver gifts to your student & their teachers. Or, you can surprise your student with putting a little gift in their backpack, or surprise a teacher by having a gift placed in their teacher mailbox. If you’re gifting your college student, mailing gifts will make for a sweet surprise. What an unexpected way to start the school year, with a gift from you, bae! I mean, who doesn’t like surprises? I know I do! The gift you give can be something small and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s the meaning behind the gift that really matters. 

I hope my guide to back-to-school gifting helps you, bae! Just remember: intentional, practical, & meaningful gifts are the best type of gifts for going back to school. Lacking time for gift shopping? Check out this hassle-free back-to-school gift bundle that can be mailed straight to your giftee’s mailbox! Happy gifting, Bae!

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